Our Courses

Artistic / Practical

Correpetition for Vocalists
Orchestra position training for orchestra Instrumentalists
Chamber music / Ensemble for Pianists and orchestra Instrumentalists
Cross Over for Vocalists Classic, Musical, Chanson
Sight reading for pianists and orchestra instrumentalists
Performance training for all ICoM students
Correpetition for orchestra Instrumentalists
Phonetic for Vocalists
Vocal stylistic (Lied interpretation) for Vocalists and Pianists
Pedagogy for Pianists
Improvisation for pianists, vocalists and orchestra instrumentalists

Theory / Musicology

German music terminology for foreigners for all Basic Study Program students
Special training for auditions at a German music university
Solfege (sight-reading for vocalists)
Musicology / Cross-over lectures
Music appreciation and ear training (AM)
Counterpoint/ Harmony and 
Music history and musical form
Please refer to the individual curricula for more details. Subject to change - alterations will be posted at ICoM.