General Information

The International College of Music, Hamburg was founded specifically for students from Asia but welcomes students from all countries, from Europe and Germany.
ICoM offers programs from study preparation to master classes.

Instructional Emphasis China

The emphasis for our students from China is the Basic Study Program (study preparation). The goal of this program is to make the student fit and ready for the entrance exam of a performance or music education study program of music universities in Germany.

These preparation studies include instruction in the major instrument, technical/musical vocabulary, music theory and ear-training, Performance practice, support in organising college-level studies, and support in applying at a music university in Germany.

An important part of this training is gaining the necessary language skills, which is instructed in cooperation with our language partners.

The faculty is very familiar with the college-level admission requirements. They either are professors at a music university or play in a professional Hamburg orchestra. The record shows: those ICoM students who worked hard and met all requirements have been accepted to a German music university.

Instructional Emphasis Japan

The emphasis for those coming from Japan is the postgraduate study programs (Kalaidos Master, Senior, Certificate of Performance and Concert Examination). A highly qualified faculty consisting of College teachers and professional orchestra musicians guarantees success during your stay here at ICoM. Usually students start with the Senior Study Program to get orientated. With exceptional skills (i.e. admission exam) the Senior Study Program can be credited to the Certificate of Performance Program or the Concert Examination Program. Many students from Japan conclude their studies at ICoM with a public performance and CD recording.

Major Subjects

Piano • Vocal – classic and Pop • Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass • Guitar – classic and pop • Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone (classic) • Trumpet, trombone, horn and tuba • Composition and music theory • Song and instrumental accompaniment (piano) • Chamber music • Further majors are possible upon inquiry

Instruction Times & Admissions

Instruction Times

The winter semester begins on October 1, the summer semester on April 1. The lesson plan regulates instruction and vacation phases in detail. The courses and lesson times for the minor subjects are regulated in the semester plan. The lesson plan and the semester schedule are send to all students before semester begin. It also is posted on the info-board at ICoM.


Students from over seas or from European countries can submit a DVD along with the registering documents. Students that are already in Germany can request an appointment for a personal interview and audition. More information see here: Contact and in the detailed description of the various study programs.