Sebastian Sprenger


Sebastian Sprenger, born in Munich in 1972, studied composition and music theory at the Hamburg University of Music with Prof. Dieter Einfeldt, Prof. Dr. Manfred Stahnke and Prof. Reinhard Bahr. After his studies he has worked as a freelance composer, choir director and music teacher. Since 2007 Sprenger has been teaching music theory at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater,since 2016 as a professor.

In addition to works for children’s and youth music theater, Sprenger’s compositional work primarily includes vocal and chamber music in various ensembles.

The youth opera “Henrietta and the Fire Fairy” (libretto: Sören Zwillingsen; commissioned by the Hansa-Gymnasium Hamburg-Bergedorf) was staged at the municipal theaters in Freiburg (2011) and Kiel (2016) and is published by Boosey & Hawkes.

Works by Sebastian Sprenger were performed, among others, as part of the “Munich Biennale for New Music Theater” (2000), the “ChorKonzertTage 2006” of the Association of German Concert Choirs (Lüneburg), the intercultural festival “Eigenarten” (Hamburg, 2006, 2009, 2011), the 2nd International Minimal Music Festival (Kassel, 2009) and the “Listening Festival for New Music” (Detmold, 2015); radio recordings by NDR and WDR.

Sebastian Sprenger teaches since 2014 at ICoM.