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In order to register at ICoM following documents are required:

– A copy of a valid passport
– Complete application form
– Personal data sheet
– A certified copy of your study records from the last visited school / college
– Photo
– Link(s) to VIDEO(s) previously uploaded by the applicant on the digital platform YouTube. The programme should include pieces from at least three different stylistic periods and last not less than 20 minutes
– Certification of language skills (A1 level)

Upon reception of the registration documents and upon indication of adequate musical skills, a study place will be reserved at ICoM and the applicant receives a preliminary letter of acceptance.

After payment of the study fees the applicant will receive a final letter of admission. This document is necessary for applying for a visa.

Kalaidos Master Registration

Details on the application documents, the dates and conditions of the entrance examinations are available on request from the ICoM secretariat by email: